Dry Shampoo for Texture | Batiste™ Neon


with a vibrant & fruity fragrance

Be bright, bold and vivacious with Neon Lights Dry Shampoo, bursting with fruity pomegranate and jasmine. You’re bound to be noticed with this fashion forward favorite.

You never know where the day may take you but with Batiste on hand you know you’ll always be ready for it.

A few quick bursts leaves hair feeling revitalized and gorgeously clean with added body and texture. Perfect to use between washes or for whenever you want to look and feel your best in an instant.

  • Original
  • Blush
  • Fresh
  • Tropical
  • Cherry
  • Wild
  • Floral Essences
  • Bare
  • Neon
  • Sweetie

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